Authentic Life. Real Chat.

It’s 2.36am in London and I am suffering from jet lag. This is all new to me. My sleep pattern is a mess and clearly I have no intention on trying to sleep.

I can hear the rain outside and I’m in a sleepy daze contemplating what to write. This isn’t my first blogging experience, I used to have the generic fashion and beauty blog years ago (since then deleted). I considered creating a new fashion blog this time round but the world is definitely not short of fashion and beauty blogs. I wanted to create something real and meaningful with honesty and depth. Whether people will get that from my posts who knows only time will tell but I will try and create authentic posts about real life, real issues and relatable topics.

It’s now 2.41 and I’m considering how I will get through work tomorrow, probably won’t. I will be a miserable bitch with a lower tolerance than usual.

Jet lag is a SOB


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