Stop worrying about things you cannot change!

Cooper's Corner

I am writing this with the hope that not only will other people take my advice, but hopefully I will take my own advice too. 

Although I am quite an upbeat person, I like to think that my brain has too many tabs open. I always end up worrying about something when I’m alone and gathering my thoughts, and that doesn’t sit right with me.

Will there be a nuclear apocalypse in the next few months? Is my boyfriend going to get the job he so desperately wants? What if something happens to me tomorrow and it’s really bad?

I know to others these might seem silly, but thoughts like these are constantly running through my head and it drives me absolutely insane!

You’re probably already thinking “You can’t control what happens! Just forget about it and live for now!” Usually, I’d say that any advice is great advice. However…

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