Chocolate Bliss at Olympia 

So yesterday I attended the annual Chocolate Show at Olympia in Kensington where I got to see chocolate in all its glory! With many different types of chocolate, there was definitely something for every body. From truffles to Belgium hot chocolate, chocolate wine and even delightful macaroons it is definitely a day out every body would enjoy. 
Featured in the show were famous chocolatiers such as Paul A Young to start up companies like Winchester Fine Chocolates created by Zara Snell  who was a winner of the International Chocolate Awards 2017. There were many different stools with chocolate from all over the world all supplying their best products for the eager chocolate fanatics! 

Paul A Young was there to give talks and demonstrations which were packed with overzealous listeners about chocolate from one of the best chocolatiers around. Mr Young was also there promoting his book ‘Sensational Chocolate’ with the help from The Children’s Air Ambulance charity in which Paul A Young is an ambassador. 

The Children’s Air Ambulance charity promoting Paul A Young’s book ‘Sensational Chocolate’

The chocolatier Aneesh Popat had the best chocolate spread I had ever tasted and it didn’t contain any mild products but it was so creamy and had the correct richness for a chocolate spread. (Yes 1000% better then Nutella)

The Chocalatier Aneesh Popat 

My personal favourite was Winchester Fine Chocolates by Zara Snell. Her truffles were amazing especially her handmade Champagne truffles, they are definitely a treat. Not only does the chocolate taste incredible but the hard work and dedication put into the products are very noticeable. Winchester Fine Chocolates which was created in 2016 are definitely a company to watch out for. Treat yourself and get some goodies at 

Winchester Fine Chocolates 

As a chocolate lover I will definitely be back next year to see what The Chocolate Show has to offer!